Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card Tree

Since our Christmas party is coming up this weekend, I'm putting the finishing touches on our outdoor decor. I wanted the porch to look cute and welcoming.

Front porch christmas decor

I have a topiary tree on the left with a poinsettia and wooden church. I picked up the old wooden chair at a thrift store for $6. The sled was an unfinished wood sled from Michael's and I painted it red and green and added some scrapbook paper with Mod Podge. I like how it turned out don't you? 

Front Porch Christmas Decor

The greenery under the chair is from my yard. I just placed it in glass bottles and wrapped the bottles with red ribbon.

Front Porch decorated for Christmas

I wanted to display our Christmas cards in a cute way and decided to incorporate these branches and vase that I already had. I hole-punched each card and then tied them to the branches with ribbon. The picture above shows it on our porch, where I have it but the picture below is a up-close photo so you can see how it looks.

Christmas Card Display

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