Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Tree DIY

On black Friday I picked this advent tree up at Michael's. I had been looking for them everywhere but couldn't find them online or at the Michael's at home. When I spotted it on black Friday in northern VA I was quick to snatch it up!

The first thing I did was paint. I removed the boxes and painted the 'tree' green and the star red. After that was done I cut out some squares from a book of coordinating Christmas scrapbook paper that I had also purchased on black Friday. I used five different pages, that all coordinated together.

I brushed on one coat of Mod Podge to the box, laid the paper down, and then brushed on another coat on top of the paper.

Scrapbook Paper Advent Calendar

As you can see, each box has a peg on it. Using needle-nose pliers I removed each peg and then once I'd applied the second coat of Mod Podge, I re-applied it by screwing it in thru the paper. I did it before the Mod Podge completely dried so that the glue helped hold the peg in place. Everything is dry now and has been for a few days, the pegs aren't going anywhere.

DIY advent Calendar

DIY Advent calendar

Finally, for the numbers, I just hand-drew them on, using a black pen I purchased at Michael's. It was a simple project and I'm sure I could have made it more ornate/complicated but I like how it turned out, what do you think?

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