Monday, October 29, 2012

The Versatile Dress...Part 2...and Frankenstorm!

What a weekend! John and I took a short trip to Charlottesville, VA to see Eric Church in concert at UVA. It was our first trip anywhere without Lilly and we had a really good time. Thanks to my parents for watching her for the night! We came home Sunday, just in time for "Frankenstorm" to hit Hampton Roads. So far things aren't too bad here. Our dock is completely covered by water and a tree, (yes an entire tree) somehow washed onto it from who knows where but other than that we're still good. Praying that the power stays on throughout the day. I think once this evening hits the worst will be over for us...

If you remember Friday's post, I created a basic pattern with plans to use it in a few creative ways. Below is a picture of the first dress:

For today's project, I used the remaining fabric blue and white fabric I had left. This fabric is from my sponsor Marie Madeline Studio. 

I decided I wanted to do an Asian inspired cloak. I simply used the three base pieces from the pattern and added sleeves  Instead of the two half pieces forming the back of the dress, this time they formed the front. There was also enough extra material to fold over in the front to make button holes and buttons.  I finished the neck and bottom off with some white edging that I had left over from Friday's dress.

Here is the fabric in the front folded over before I installed the button holes.

 And here are some pictures of Lilly, who of course is not into sitting still or modeling whatsoever...

Easy Dress tutorial

Easy girls Dress tutorial DIY

Baby Asian Dress tutorial


  1. Hi, I love your little dress and cloak, Lilly is beautiful! I am a new follower, and there may be things at my new blog that you really like. Be safe with the storm and thank you for sharing!

    xo Nancy

  2. so adorable! I am intimidated by sewing coats.

  3. Adorable! Did you come through the storm relatively unscathed? My thoughts and prayers have been with all of you in Sandy's path.

  4. It looks so sweet :)
    Hope you didn't have lots of damage from the storm

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  7. That is so cute, your daughter is lucky you can create beautiful custom pieces for her.