Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Easy Peasant Dress Tutorial

Lilly was needing a new dress and I thought it would be fun to make a peasant dress. The fabric I used is from my sponsor Marie Madeline Studio and can be found here. It is actually on sale right now for $2.61 for 1/2 a yard so you should really check out her site and some of her great sales going on!


  • 3/4 of a yard of cotton fabric
  • Elastic 

I started by copying an A-Line dress that Lilly already owned and folding it in half. I folded my material in half twice so that after tracing I was cutting through four pieces of materials. Since my dress wasn't going to look exactly like the dress I was tracing, my goal was just to get the the dimensions correct. 

After cutting and unfolding my two pieces, here is what they looked like.

Next I cut out the sleeves. I did this by tracing the arm hole of the dress so that they would line up. Below are my two sleeve pieces.

Then I pinned one sleeve to one bodice piece, front to front

Peasant Dress tutorial

After I sewed these two pieces together I pinned the other bodice piece to the other side of the sleeve and sewed. The end result looked like this.

I did the exact same thing using the second sleeve. 

 Next I sewed up the sides of the dress and finished sewing the sleeves. Then I added my elastic around the top of the dress. I folded the top down and sewed, leaving a wide enough gap to slide my elastic through. I based the length of elastic I used off of the width of the color of other dresses that Lilly used (kind of guessed). I then sewed the two ends of the elastic together and sewed the hole up that I was using to slide the elastic through. You fold down the entire dress, bodice and sleeve portions.

Lastly, I double folded the bottom of the dress and the sleeves, by first using an iron and sewed them so that they looked finished. Below is the end result, what do you think?

Little Girl Peasant dress tutorial


  1. Your Lilly is adorable! I think I'm going to try this as a peasant top instead of a dress for my daughter, something to wear with leggings this fall, so I'll be pinning this post. Thanks for sharing. I have a number of little girl dress tutorials I'd love for you to visit:

  2. What lovely material and your daughter is a great model.