Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Before and After: Bathroom Reno

Low Cost Bathroom Renovation

Low Cost Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom renovation is finally finished! I'm so tired of painting but it was worth it and I'm very happy with the end results.

Below is  a step by step of the process I went through as well as some before and after photos

Here are the original photos of my bathroom, way to much white and lavender. The bottom half of the walls were covered in lavender speckled tile. The floor was also miniature lavender tiles and the vanity was an ugly white laminate. The top  half of the room was plane white sheet rock. All in all it was lacking in color and also very dated. (Built in 1970)

Painting Tile in a bathroom

Vanity Renovation

The first thing I did was paint the wall tile all white. I had never attempted something like this before and was kind of wondering how it would go, but I am so happy with the results. I started by applying two coats of heavy duty primer and then two coats of white paint, using both a foam roller and a brush (for the grout lines). It turned out fabulously! So clean and fresh looking.

I already owned the primer and the paint and so the only thing I purchased for this step was a foam roller: $3.50

Bathroom renovation for under $100

Next I painted the white walls a caramel color. I also had this paint sitting in my garage and there was just enough to finish up this room. I had originally bought the paint and used it to paint my living room. I paid $5 originally for this gallon of paint because it was in the oops section at Lowes. I love the color and that $5 investment has gone pretty far! I used the same roller and brush from when I painted the tile so this step of the project didn't cost me anything!

Next I tackled the floor! This was my biggest expense. I purchased 20 peel and stick vinyl tiles from Lowes and laid them down. I cut where I needed to cut (around the toilet was the toughest) and it made such a huge difference! After I laid all the tiles I caulked around the edges of the room and around the toilet.

The vinyl tiles came to $52 and the caulk was $6 so the total cost for this step was $58. And WELL worth it!

Bathroom renovation for under $100

I painted the counter top a brownish color with some countertop paint I had left over after using it on my kitchen counters a few years ago (You can purchase the counter top paint new at Lowes for $20) I then painted the vanity a chocolate brown color. I already had this paint. Originally I bought it for the mural in my living room and have also recently used it on some canvas artwork. To see both of those projects, click here.

Low Cost bathroom renovation

Next I trimmed out the mirror with some trim from Lowes. I measured the pieces and then had the husband cut them for me. I painted them and then mounted them using liquid nails. The paint is the same paint I used on the vanity. After they dried I caulked the corners and then painted over the caulk to match the mirror.

Trim: $11
Liquid Nails: $4

Total cost for the mirror: $15

Low Cost Bathroom Renovation

The shower curtain and window curtain are actually matching curtains that I had once used in another room in my house many years ago. I had never thrown them away because I really liked them and they ended up fitting the room perfectly. Since the curtain was a little long for the shower I hemmed it before hanging it. I also purchased a shower curtain rod because originally there was a door to our shower (but it fell off)

Shower Curtain Rod: $6

The floor mats were the original ones, they were in good shape so no need to change, and all the accessories were ones I had laying around in various closets. The total cost for everything came to....


What a difference $82.50 can make. Paint sure does go a long way!!!

Before and After bathroom renovation

So tell me what you think? Was it worth it??


  1. Wow! That is amazing how $80 can make such a huge difference! It looks to cozy, warm, and welcoming like a nice spa!

    How did painting the tile on the walls work? Is it easily scratched off, or did you seal it with some sort of clear coat? I'd love to see an up close picture of the tile. I didn't even know painting over tile was an option!

    1. I used an enamel paint and so far haven't had any issues with it scratching. When I put the trim around the mirror I taped the trim to the painted tile while it was drying. When I pulled the tape off there was no issues with any of the paint coming off with it so I was excited about that. I didn't seal it with anything.

  2. I am totally impressed! Wow - maybe there is hope for my dumpy bathroom, ha-ha! Love how your simple ideas made a huge impact. So cool that you had saved the shower/window curtains!

  3. That looks great! It looks like a brand new room! We'd love for you to link this up at our party! http://housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com/2012/09/riverton-housewives-round-up-33.html

  4. Love the countertop/cabinets, they look amazing! Thanks so much for linking up at DIY Thrifty Thursday....You've been featured! Stop by this week and grab an "I was featured" button. Hope to see you again!

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