Friday, August 17, 2012

Mod Dress: Pattern and Tutorial

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I'm loving all the Mod dresses I've been seeing lately. While browsing pinterest I spotted a few that I absolutely love...

mod dress.  White Mod Dress  Black Mod Dress

Aren't these cute? I love how they could easily be worn as an every day dress or an evening dress, all depending on what accessories you put with it. All of these photos are of dress sold at (they range between $200-$300)

Well I decided I wanted to make one and liked the idea of using linen because of how sturdy of a material it is. I bought two yards of linen from Hancock Fabrics and set out creating a pattern. What's great about this dress is that there are basically only two pieces. The body, which you need 4 of, and the sleeve piece, which you also need 4 of.

MOD Dress Tutorial and pattern
Here is the one of the body pieces

I started out by cutting out all 8 pieces that I needed. Then I ironed them all.

Next I sewed two of the main pieces together, front to front and then sewed the other two together, front to front. Then I flipped those right side out (make sure you don't sew the bottom closed so that you are able to flip them right side out) and added two sleeve pieces to each one. Now I had two pieces total: a dress front and a dress back.

MOD Dress tutorial and pattern
 Here's a picture of the sleeve pinned on before I sewed

MOD Dress tutorial and pattern
And after I sewed both sleeves on 

Next I sewed those two pieces together (except for the arm holes, neck hole and bottom of the dress).

To finish it off I double folded the area around the arm holes and double folded the bottom of the dress (see pictures) and then I sewed. Because the dress is lined (except for the arms) it is thick. I like that look though because it allows for more modern straight lines. You could definitely get away with not lining the dress and you would only need 1 yard of material instead of 2.

MOD Dress tutorial and pattern
 This is a picture of the arms folded over twice, next I sewed around the edge.

MOD Dress tutorial and pattern
This is the bottom of the dress, folded over twice, just like the arms. Next I sewed around the edge. I think this way of doing the trim gave it a very clean look.

I love how it turned out and can't wait to wear it somewhere fun. (I actually am going to a wedding next weekend and wanted to wear it then...which is why I chose to not buy white material, I would like to make the dress in white next.) Total cost was only $12.99 for the linen (it was half off!) which definitely beats the $299 price tag from emersonfry

MOD Dress tutorial and pattern

MOD Dress Tutorial

If you would like to purchase the pattern for this dress you can find it in my 'Patterns' section by clicking here.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. What a cute dress! Love the print and fit. :)