Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Lilly Dress

I named this dress after my daughter, Lilly. I just love the ruffle at the bottom, don't you?! The fabric I used is from Marie-Madeline Studio. They have the greatest fabric! Check them out in my sponsors section. The two specific fabrics I used were from the Floral Collection.

Besides the ruffle this dress only uses two pieces. It is lined so you will need to cut each piece out four times. There will be eight total pieces. The dress is for size 6-12 months. If you would like the pattern, please check the 'patterns tab' on my blog.

You will need 1/2 a yard of each of your two materials, so 1 yard of fabric total.

Once you've cut your pieces out (be efficient and cut only twice-4 pieces at a time, this way there is less cutting and your pieces will match each other perfectly too) your going to sew the first piece to the second piece so that it looks like this. You will do this 4 times, using all your pieces. Now you only have four pieces

Next you are going to sew two of those together, front to front, do this with the other two as well so that now you only have two pieces- a front and a back.  Don't sew the bottoms up though because you are going to need the bottom open so that you can flip it inside out. Also, you're going to want to put the ribbon in between these two pieces as you sew them.

*Tip* If you start sewing at the bottom on one end and end at the bottom on the other side you'll only need to sew one seam. 

Now, sew your two pieces together front to front. You only need to sew up the sides. Then flip it inside out. I usually iron before sewing so that the edges are nice and crisp. This is also where you sew the bottom together, be sure to smooth out any air pockets before doing this though.

Now, for the ruffle. I cut out a 3 inch wide strip and sewed the sides down. Then I sewed one seam in the center of the strip (be sure to use the longest stitch on your machine). Then you pull the bobbin thread (the thread on the back of the strip) slowly so that the strip slowly ruffles. Then I simply sewed the ruffle onto the bottom of the dress and we're done!


Check out the Patterns section of the page to see how you can purchase this pattern and check out the Store section to see how you can purchase a completed dress.

Also, below is an update on the puff quilt. Two rows done, eight to go (its a slow process, but for the record...I got distracted by that cute dress...)


  1. Cute dress!! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished quilt!

  2. What a cute dress!
    Thanks for stopping by FFL :)

  3. Cute little dress! I'm featuring this on the link party tonight! Thanks for linking up!


  4. This is adorable, both the pattern and the material. I sew mostly craft items, but this looks easy enough for me to try as "clothes to wear out in public" ;-)