Friday, June 29, 2012

Five Dollar Friday!

It's Five Dollar Friday, below are the items that I found at the thrift store this week. My total for everything came to $4.55!!

It's ok, you can gasp and applaud, I won't tell.

First we need to announce our winner (Drum roll please)...Amy!! Amy has a great blog which you can find here, so go check it out. Thanks for sharing my blog on your facebook page Amy!

Now, for what I found...

Gift Bags. I love gift bags but in my house it seems like whenever I need one the only option is one that says Baby. I love that these bags can be used for a variety of things and they are way cuter than what you can find at the dollar store. How much you ask? $.10 each

This basket is great for parties because it hold your utensils and napkins and plates. I have one and use it all the time. So much cuter than sticking all those forks and knives in a red solo cup...
It is in pristine condition and was only $1.50. Something similar on Amazon is between $13-$20.

I love these glass bottles because it seems like the options are endless with them. I have one I used just by sticking a single berry branch in it. I also like the idea of them holding flowers and setting it on your nightstand or windowsill. Or, if you need somewhere to put your flower and sugar...these come in handy for that too. I paid $1.00

Who doesn't loved scarves?! This one was only $.25

And finally, Poly-fil! I was so excited when I spotted this. Two 16 oz bags. I think these are usually $4 each. I got 'em for $.75 a piece!

I hope this helps you look at thrift stores and yard sales differently. They offer a lot of things that we wouldn't normally thing to look for there but you could really save a lot if you go there first. Now, go out and find some cool stuff.

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