Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, on Saturday I went to some yard sales in Wythe and found some cute stuff for Lilly. Baby girl clothes are so hard to resist! Afterwards Lilly and I went to the alumni reception (Lilly slept through it) at SCA and then to the graduation. The first graduating class was in 2003. I was a sophomore at the time and there was 1 graduate. 2012 was their 10th graduating class and the largest, at 27 students! Some interesting things about the day: Each graduating class has a framed class photo hanging in the hall. My class photo has been missing for two years and no one knows where it went. One of the guests of the graduation was standing in the foyer waiting for the ceremony to start when a women came up to him, handed him the photo and said, please give this to the principle. So weird. But I'm glad it was found. Also, I was able to see the yearbook for the 2011-2012 school year and Lilly made it in! It's a picture of her at the homecoming game with her face painted :)

Afterwards we went to an after party (for Nathan Coleman) and then we came home and did some P90X. On Sunday we went to church and then I got things ready for dinner and John worked on the yard. We met with the sod guy and it looks like the sod will probably go down within the next week. John got a workout jack-hammering concrete, spreading dirt and cutting down/pulling up shrubs. Hopefully it will NOT rain for the next 9 days like the weather station says its going to...because we have a lot to get done.

Sunday night was wonderful as always with our friends over for dinner. Lilly just loves Rocco and she tried so hard to crawl after him as fast as he was running :) That was it for the weekend, now for an equally busy week...

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