Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Preview

It's Friday people! This is NOT going to be one of those nice relaxing weekends at the Ralls house. Tomorrow starts out bright and early at the Wythe neighborhood yard sale. Well, thats what Lilly and I will be doing at 8:00. John will be running a 5k.

The Summit Graduation is at 3:00 tomorrow and at two O'clock there will be an alumni reception. After the graduation we will be stopping by one of the graduation parties.

There is of course church Sunday morning and dunner Sunday night at our house (which will be featuring crock pot lasagna).

In between all that we need to meet with the sod guy on saturday, purchase the stone for our patio, buy balloons for the alumni reception and go to a homegroup leadership meeting...we'll see how it all goes, and if we're able to fit everything in...whats going on with you this weekend?

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