Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lilly Thursday

So, I'm aweful at keeping up with this thing, but hopefully i will be turning a new leaf with that. My goal is to have a theme for each day of the week. Thursdays will be "Lilly Thursday".

Lilly is in the greatest stage right now where she literally learns/does something new every day.Her two front teeth are coming in on the bottom and we are also trying very hard to get her to eat food. she is a stubborn one with this but i think we're finally making progress. She absolutely loves 'puffs' (which are similar to cheerios) so i guess thats a start...

She's also mastered saying 'mama' although i personally dont think she's quite made the connection between the sound and the person.

Yesterday, Lilly had a particular aweful dirty diaper. John and I were teaming up on it and midway through he said, "ahh I'm going to throw up!" And my surprise he actually ran out of the room, into the bathroom, and threw up!! He tells me that all #2 diapers from here on out are in my job description...


  1. John needs to toughen up. :)

    Lily is such a sweet baby!

  2. I just read this to Nich, and all he said was, "That's weird."