Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creative Wednesday

So I recently have taken up sewing again. I tried it a while back and was horrible at it! Not only did the things I attempted to make turn out badly, but some of my friends who were also sewing were making these gorgeous things (and pretending that it wasn't a big deal). All in all, I got discouraged and called it quits. But, recently I tried again, and with some different kinds of material, and things are looking up. Each time I make something (usually something for Lilly) I try to incorporate a new technique. Now I've come to the point where I'm actually willing to let her go out in public with the clothes I've made her. I'm a far cry from what I would call "good" but I'm getting there. Below is a picture of a dress I recently made her. The top is the top section of a onesie that I found at a yard sale for $.75. The bottom fabric, as well as the fabric for the heart applique probably ran me another $.75. So, for $1.50 she has a cute dress and I have up built my self-confidence just a little more :)

I'm hoping to get a little better, I'd really like to make the dress below:

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