Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breastfeeding is illegal?

So, funny story: yesterday I was shopping at Towne Center in Hampton with Lilly. I needed to feed her so I parked in the Target parking lot, off to the side where there were no other cars around and got in the back seat to feed her. About 5 minutes into the process a police car came by and parked about 4 spaces away. I didn't think anything of it. He left (but really just pulled in the spot behind me-I realized run my tags). Then a few minutes later he circled my car two times staring in at me-I just looked back. Then he parked behind me again for about 5 more minutes. I couldn't see him from where I was sitting so I didn't know he was there until suddenly he was at my window asking me to roll down the window. The child safety lock was on so I had to open the door and as soon as I did we had the following conversation:

Cop: "So, what's going on here?"
Me: "I'm breastfeeding my kid."
Cop: "What?"
Me:  "I'm breastfeeding my kid. (said in a slightly higher octave)
Cop: (Suddenly noticing that I have a baby blanket draped over me and a small human squirming underneath it, and I'm trying in vain to cover everything up so he won't see.) "Oh! I'm so sorry. It's just that you look very young, I assumed you were a juvenile and that this wasn't your car. Again, I'm sorry. I'll close the door, watch the babies feet, Ma'am"

Now, had I not been in such an awkward situation I would have asked him what exactly he thought I was doing in the backseat of a running car that looked suspicious? So so weird.

On another note, I've noticed that Angry Birds is taking over the world. While at the mall yesterday there was so much Angry Bird stuff for sale everywhere, and I saw a man wearing an Angry Birds hat. I should of thought of that game.

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