Sunday, October 30, 2011

whats been going on lately

A few things on my mind:

1. I have such a great job. TURZAC is such a great company and they've been so sweet with Lilly. they bought her a pack and play/changing table so when she comes into work with me she has a place to hang out. next week we're going to try to go in every day. She's been doing really well so hopefully that continues.

2. Christmas is coming! While i think its a bit early for decorating, I do need to start thinking about gifts, and parties. I'm thinking doing all the shopping this year with a baby may be a little more difficult than orevious years... also I've started thinking about this years Christmas party and it is going to be awesome.

3. We went to a hibachi place for dinner last. those places are so much fun. The waiter definitely makes or breaks it thiugh and our waiter was awesome...sooo funny. We went with Adam, Lindsey, and Rachel...and he called Rachel his girlfriend/sweetheart the whole night...until Adam asked him if he had kids and he said 'yes i have two..i mean no!'. He also told John that he had two pretty daughters and next time he should bring his wife.

4. Lilly is growing so quickly! She's gotten so much better at sleeping and (most) nights I only get up once during the night. We've been enjoying her so much and she's such a sweet, good baby.

In general, we've are very blessed.

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