Thursday, April 7, 2011

Technology...and the Israelites

Just some thoughts I've had recently:
1.  Technology is awesome! My friend Lindsey is almost 28 weeks and just got the 3D ultrasound done. I just think it's so cool that this is an option these days and that we can see so much detail before meeting our little babies. I have to say I"m very glad God decided to put me in this century. I couldn't imagine going the whole 9 months without knowing what we're having. It's getting harder to go even 4 more weeks!
2. The Old Testament is interesting when read correctly. I've been reading through the OT this year and am in Deuteronomy right now. I've enjoyed it much more than I initially thought I would. I like how it sets a stage for the rest of the Bible and each book has a specific purpose. This is what I see as the purposes (my opinion only) so far:
-Genesis: A History of the creation of the world and some of the first individuals; specifically those individuals who would create the Nation of Israel (Abraham, Isaac, Joseph)
-Exodus: We skip ahead a few years and the nation of Israel has increased in number. God saves them from Egypt and begins fulfilling the promise he made to the nation's decendants to  make them into a great nation in a great land
-Leviticus: The Israelites continue their journey and frequently disobey God, God continues to show them Mercy and provide them with rules and guidelines
-Numbers: We see that the nation is divided into twelve tribes and we are told how many individuals make up each of those tribes. The Israelites continue to disobey God and he punishes them but still shows mercy and forgives

I haven't come to a conclusion about Deuteronomy yet but when I do I'll let you know :) I think if you get caught up in the details it's harder to concentrate. The books are much easier to read when focusing on the broader picture. That's all for now...enjoy this beautiful day we're about to have!

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