Saturday, April 2, 2011

Can you spare some change?

So we've all seen them, and they've increased in number as the economy has turned sour. This week I was at a gas station pumping gas when a man on a bike rode up to me asking if I had some cash. It scared me a little and it was obvious he had specifically targeted me as the person to come speak too. (there were a number of other people pumping gas). Fortunately John was at a neighboring gas pump and came over to see what was going on. (We were leaving an event together but had driven separately).  The man pulled out an ID and showed it to me and then asked for some cash. I legitimately had no cash and said so and he left.  A few questions though arose from this encounter:

1. Why did he show me his ID?
2. Why did he target me? Do you think women are quicker to pull out their wallets?
3. What would you have done?
4. What are your thoughts on individuals in this situation? I often feel like I am very cold-hearted and  pessimistic. When I see individuals on the side of the road my first thought is; "why don't you walk into that gas station and ask for a job?" I almost always assume that they are lazy and scammers. I realize that this can't always be true but as there is no way to delineate between who is honestly in need and who isn't...I assume all fall into the latter category.


  1. He came to you because you looked kind and he showed you his ID to show you who he was,No one wants to beg, they are all sick in one way or another and it is not our job to judge.When I give them a few dollars I don't care if they buy drugs or booze or hopefully food but at least I helped them get through the day ,Always remember that they are ill.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jacki, good thoughts :)