Friday, April 22, 2011

Pleasing One

I was inspired to write on this topic after reading today's post by Rob Shepard (  Like he mentioned about himself in his blog, I too have a tendency to want to please everyone. It's more obvious with certain people, or in certain situations than others, but it's definitely there. It's accompanied with a fear of upsetting people. I hate the idea of anyone being upset with me about anything. I would much rather chose to do something I don't enjoy all that much, as long as I know that the other people I'm doing it with are having a good time. Obviously, there are issues with this type of attitude. For starters, it's impossible to do. Even when I try to please the people in my life I always end up messing up from time to time. And, since I've placed too much stock in keeping them happy I get much more distraught than I should.

Today is Good Friday, which means that about 2000 years ago Christ had the option of pleasing himself, the world, or God. He chose the latter. Had he chosen Himself...he wouldn't have experienced such excruciating pain and death...yet the rest of us would have no other option. Had he chosen the world, he would not have satisfied everyone, since so many people wanted him both dead and alive. In the end he made the right decision and decided to base his decision on the only opinion that mattered. I know that I should do this more.

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