Monday, February 21, 2011

Mind Dump

So, there's this hilarious blog that I think is awesome (make me laugh so hard I start to cry), you guys should check it out if you get a chance:

So I'm taking Rob's term "mind dump" (which hopefully he hasn't copy righted) and using it here. My mind dump's won't be nearly as humorous but oh well:

1. What kind of milk does everyone drink? I just had a bowl of cereal (yes, at 8:30) and John like to buy 1% milk. If I think too much about it I feel like its real milk mixed with water, so I try not to think about it. I prefer 2% milk.

2. We just finished Season 8 of 24...and I'm going to miss Jack Bauer :( I wish there was a real Jack Bauer...or America was really like it is on 24, with trustworthy people in the government and the good guy always winning. And, of course, Fox News being the only news channel available.

3. Feeling Nauseated is just about the worst feeling in the entire world. Throwing up is equally awful. And the worst of anything is throwing up when there's nothing in your stomach to actually throw up. So you end up throwing up that mountain-dew looking stuff that your body creates and it tastes like poison. Anyway, I realize that was a little TMI but oh well.

4. Does anyone have a bird cage they can lend me? I need one for this weekend for the women's retreat at church.

That's all for now.


  1. 1. i like skim milk, mmmm water-milk RULES!
    2. we never watched 24.
    3. i know how ya feel, it is horrible, huh?
    4. i don't have a birdcage but i feel like i've seen one recently. that doesn't help much but alas, earwax.
    5. what baby names do you guys like????
    ~christine i.

  2. Make sure you eat even if you feel like throwing up constantly ... bland things like crackers and such. I felt nauseous pretty steadily throughout the first trimester, but thankfully, never actually threw up.

    "24" is the only TV show Nich and I watched from beginning to end! :~)

    I'm not a huge fan of skim milk; I much prefer 2%, but Nich doesn't like it. For a while, we compromised on 1%, but now I just drink the skim.

  3. I'm a skim milk kind of girl. I also love Silk Vanilla Flavor Soy Milk. They're on the two opposite ends of the milk spectrum.


    Throwing up=not cool.

    No birdcage. You might post it on FB and see if anyone has one.

  4. 1. I also like 1% but would drink 2% or even whole milk more if skim/1% wasn't so much better for you! especially with cereal, 2% or whole milk just tastes so much better!

    2. never watched 24, but i've heard that it's good. this year is the 10th and final season of "Smallville", my fav show and I will be sad when it's over. I also wish that there was a real clark kent/the blur/superman fighting crime and keeping us safe. or just to enjoy staring at... mmmm,mmm! ;) haha

    3. sorry that you're so nauseous.. not fun. btw, the mountain dew looking stuff?? it's called bile... and i've also heard that munching on bland crackers or cheerios helps.. and be sure to keep drinking lots of water, says nurse Lindsay ;)

    4. sorry I also don't have a birdcage.