Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Making America Great Again

So let's talk about politics and religion! Who's excited?!

The race is getting tighter and Iowa is just a few weeks away. (February 1st). Virginia's primary is only one month later. Eventually, we will all need to make a decision. I thought I'd share with you a few opinions I had on some of the candidates as well as why I feel the way I do.


I truly believe that America is still the greatest nation on earth. Because of that, I feel like the office of President of the United States should be one that is revered and greatly respected. I don't feel like Trump respects the job, (or much of anything). I also have a hard time believing that the leaders of other countries would maintain any respect for him either, and dealing with the leaders of other countries is a big part of the job description.

Another thing that bothers me about him is he has changed teams-frequently. He's been a Democrat, he's been an independent and he's now a Republican. I'm a women-so by all means, he has the right to change his mind, but it seems to me like he "believes" in whatever will get him the win. A bit opportunistic if you ask me. He knows how to run a good businesses and that's what he's doing here. I want my President to be convicted. I want him (or her) to actually STAND for something. He leaves me feeling like it's all a big game to him and that frustrates me.

I want America to be great again...but I don't think he's going to get us there.

Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton:

Wait. What? You're putting Democrats into the mix?

Yes. It bothers me when Christian's dismiss a certain side without even knowing what they stand for. It's ok to not agree with them. But if you have no idea what their opinions are then it's not ok.

Also, I'm "lumping" them together not because I think are one in the same but because the issue I have with them is the same, and they have basically the same view on it. That issue is Abortion.

Both Sanders and Clinton are pro-choice and have a strong, uncompromising record on that issue. At least we know where they stand on it (*Cough* *Cough* *Trump*) But, I don't agree with them. Actually, I would consider myself a bit of a feminist, but this issue goes beyond "feminism" and to me becomes an issue of dealing with your consequences.  In MOST situations, an abortion is done because you did something you regret, you weren't using the tools available to you etc. It's Biblical to face a consequence for your actions. We do this every day in this country. We pay our speeding tickets, are fined for not paying are taxes on time, the list goes on. Take away the fact that you are hurting a child and look at it from the view point that pro-choice means you don't need to deal with the natural consequence that follows your action. It doesn't make sense. That's not how society works.

I would never be able to vote for either of these candidates because of this key issue. If we want America to be great again, replacing the phrase "my consequence" with "my right" is not the way to get there, it's a slippery slope.

To be honest none of the other candidates have caught my eye. They all have pros, and they all have cons. I think the voting process is difficult as a Christian because if you do vote, at some point you are going to have to make a choice. No single candidate will agree with you on everything meaning at some point, you'll need to weigh your beliefs and make a choice. Which value is worth the least? That's a hard thing to do.

I would love to hear your thoughts!


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