Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Little Elbow Grease...

It's amazing what a little elbow grease will do. Well, elbow grease, some paint and some really hardworking parents.

This weekend we went to to "The Mountain House" as Lilly has dubbed it and started working on the basement. To bring everyone up to speed we bought this home in August of last year and have spent the last few months renovating it. We've completed the upstairs and are now working on the basement. The basement consists of a large family room and a bathroom.

My parents came with us this weekend and were such a huge help. My dad painted his butt off and my mom spent most of the time babysitting Lilly and Charlotte (which in my opinion was the much harder job). That way, John and I could get a lot of work done.

Between the three of us we primed the entire basement (the walls were originally fire engine red, with a black ceiling and black trim) The ceiling is now a beautiful white, the walls are a soothing green and the doors and trim are a crisp white, instead of black and red. We also deep cleaned an incredible disgusting bathroom. Seriously, this was the grossest bathroom you've ever seen. Here are a few before shots:

The close up photo is what everything in the room looked life. There was a deep layer of dirt, stains and grime EVERYWHERE. After a deep cleaning we ripped up the disgusting linoleum and replaced it with large 18 inch vinyl tiles (we had left over from our kitchen). We painted the walls a light green color, took out the old toilet and replaced it with a crisp white new one. We cleaned the tub surround and hung a new rustic bronze rod. We also added a rustic bronze towel rack, toilet paper holder and hand towel ring. The original light fixture was a shiney chrome which I'm not a fan of so we had some rustic brown spray paint and sprayed it to match the other hardware in the room. We also cleaned up the vanity and added new rustic brown knobs.

If you had originally seen this bathroom you would have thought it just wasn't worth was too disgusting. Now it looks like a million bucks. I purchased the shower curtain, rug and towels from Target.

Next time we go we will finish the Basement. All that's left there is re-finishing the countertops and installing the hardwood floor. THose will be some amazing before and after pictures too :)

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