Saturday, February 1, 2014

Charlotte is here!

I thought I'd use the blog to share this story only once. That way,if you want the detail you can have it...if not here's the bullet points:
  • She was born
  • She's beautiful

And now for the detailed version:

I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a week before going into labor, they were consistent and ranged between 7 -10 minutes apart. This didn't happen with Lilly and so it was a new experience. Mainly it was annoying because I would constantly think, "this is it!" when it really wasn't. Eventually I just stopped paying attention., 

Friday morning though, they finally got down to 5 minutes apart. I called John and told him I thought it was time and he came home. We went to the hospital and when I arrived (10:30) they were closer to 4 minutes apart and I was 3 cm dilated. With Lilly, I went to the hospital because my water broke...which FYI is a totally different story. I think when you arrive with close contractions the doctors/nurses are always skeptical. They put me in a temporary room with other women before confirming I was actually in labor. Then they made me walk for a full hour up and down the hallway to see if I was progressing. Fortunately, I had...and they finally gave me a room.

When I came in with Lilly and said "my water broke" I was given a room instantly
I continued to progress quickly and by 5:00 I was ready to push! With Lilly I was in labor for 15 hours and pushed for 45 minutes. I was so exhausted that I honestly don't remember anything after giving birth. I fell asleep and was pretty out of it for the rest of the night.

This time around, I was completely with it. I was only in labor for 7 hours, and only pushed for SIX MINUTES!! It was awesome. I was not nearly as exhausted and I remember everything clearly. Charlotte weighed 8 lbs 12 ounces but for some reason looks smaller than Lilly did. I think it was because Lilly had such a gigantic head!!

To me, Charlotte looks like a slightly slimmer version of Lilly...but very similar. 

Because I had an excessive amount of fluid in this pregnancy and because she was delivered so quickly it looks like she has a bit of mucus in her lungs. Right now she is on antibiotics and will most likely need to be on those through Friday. We are so anxious to take her home but of course understand being precautionary. Lilly also had to be on antibiotics for a week and needed to stay in the NICU as well so we are familiar with this. I think having Lilly as a distraction will help me make it through the week this time around. 

Other than that, she is in perfect and beautiful and we are delighted.

Charlotte at 1 day

Lilly at 1 day

I will hopefully be able to post some more pictures over the next few days :) 

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