Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mountain House Update

We just returned from another weekend at the mountain house. This time we got smart and brought some parents! Together we accomplished so much!!!

Here is what the living room looked like when we moved in. The wall color was pretty dark and everything was filthy.

We painted the walls a light green, tore out the carpet, pulled up all the staples from below the carpet padding, and fixed some rotten wood by the double door going out to the deck. I like how the green looks with the stone around the fireplace.

Next, the kitchen. Below are the before pictures. The original kitchen had old and dated cabinet hardware, an ugly green counter top, a disgusting dishwasher and fridge and no oven or microwave. Also it was beyond filthy.

We updated it by adding new hardware, new appliances, refinishing the counter tops and doing some major cleaning. The total transformation came to $2050. Including all the appliances. (The biggest money saver was the stainless steel Kitchen Aid Fridge which we found at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $425. The other appliances were all on sale at that military discount comes in pretty handy when purchasing large appliances!

We were also able to finish the bathroom this trip (Well, the mirror still needs to be hung but other than that, it's done) Originally the bathroom was nothing special and super dirty.

We added a nice vanity and mirror, light fixture, shower curtain, shower curtain rod, towel rods, new toilet and new shower head, trashcan, rugs and fan. The bones of the bathroom were good (floor and tub surround were great), it just needed some serious cleaning, a splash of color, and a few upgrades. Total cost: $825.00. While we know that the vanity didn't NEED to be replaced, we felt like it as worth the cost. There are a few things worth splurging on in order to make the room look more than just builder grade.

All in all it was a productive weekend and the house is really coming together. There are only a few rooms left to paint, and once the carpet is installed we can begin moving in furniture and decorating! Stay Tuned!!


  1. It looks amazing!! Are you all moving here?

  2. No, we aren't moving, just fixing it up to enjoy. We'll probably sell in in a few years, or maybe make it a rental property.