Monday, October 7, 2013

Mountain House Update

We are home from our quick weekend trip to the mountain house. We were only there for about 36 hours but accomplished a lot. Each time we are there I can see the finished product coming together more and more...

One of the things I did this weekend was resurface the kitchen counter tops. We had originally planned on putting granite in the kitchen but were quoted $1739 from Lowes!!!

No thanks.

The kitchen is incredibly small and we were hoping to spend more like $800-$900. So, I spotted this counter-top restoration kit in Lowes ($250!) and had heard good things about it so we bought it. They had a few different color options to choose from but I felt like the brown/black combo would probably match the best.

I was really impressed with the finished product! The steps were easier than I imagined them to be and I was able to do it all by myself. I think if we had a larger kitchen, with larger sections of counter-top I might have needed help because you need to work quickly before it dries.

Basically, you apply the base coat and then put a ton of "decorative chips" on top of that, which give it the granite look. Once that's dry (overnight) you sand it down smooth and then apply the top clear coat. Besides the drying times there was probably about 2 hours of work.

We also purchased new appliances this weekend, which will be delivered the next time we are there. We installed the microwave ourselves though. I'm excited to get the white fridge and dishwasher out of there and the new stainless ones as well as the new range.

All in all, love the new look!

These are the before pictures. These were taken before we even closed on the house. Don't you just love he green/aqua counertops!

And here is the finished product


  1. Doesn't' it get dicey when you get to the edges of the countertops? How durable do you think it will be? If you would be so kind could you send your answer to I have seen this stuff in the big box stores but it makes my lips freeze cuz I'm like hey, what if it doesn't work? what THEN?? haha

  2. oh, and hey, you did an AWESOME job and it looks magnificent!!!!