Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homemade Crib Bedding-part 1

Baby #2 (Charlotte) is due February 1st. Last week I ordered a bunch of coordinating fabric from Fabric.com to use as crib bedding. Yesterday I tackled the crib sheet and today I tackled the skirt. The fabric I purchased is all yellow, grey, or a combination of the two. I purchased about 6 different patterns and so far have used two. I would also like to make bumpers, some pillows, a changing table pad, and a small quilt with the rest of the fabric. I spent $60 total on all the fabric, including tax and shipping. So I figure if I can make all of those things I'll be doing pretty good. Plus, I'll have exactly what I want instead of settling for something similar that I find in the store. 

The crib sheet was really easy to do. I used this tutorial. which I found on Pinterest and it took me about 1 hour. You'll need 2 yards of fabric. I have a few scraps left over from the 2 yards and will probably use them when making the pillows. 

For the skirt, I traced the skirt that I previously had on Lilly's bed. It's also a pretty simple project to do and took me about an hour. I added a center pleat to each side, which you can't see too well in the pictures but I like the added detail. This project is just sewing a lot of straight lines, which is hard to mess up!

Both the sheet and the skirt are a perfect fit and I love how the patterns look together. (This crib is still being used by Lilly, she'll be moving out of this room and Charlotte will be moving it. I will be painting horizontal stripes on the walls, the same grey color you see in the crib sheet)

Below are the other fabric's I'll be using:

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  1. Love it! The patterns and colors are great!