Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bathroom Curtain

I've been in a mood of switching things up lately in our house. I've gotten tired of the same old same old and am ready for a few changes...but don't want to spend a lot of money of course.

Here is how my bathroom window looked before. I think the white curtain on the white mini blind just wasn't working for needed some color don't you think.

I purchased some brown material a few weeks ago at a thrift store and hadn't used it for anything yet. Since there is brown in the shower curtain and our vanity and towels are brown I thought it would work well here.

I simply cut the piece of material the width I wanted and length I wanted and then hemmed the edges. This is how it looked after hanging it up.

Pretty Ugly. Next I looped ribbon over the whole curtain and hot glued the ends together. The ribbon was a little shorter than the curtain so that the material gathered together at the bottom. I did this twice.

DIY Bathroom Curtain

DIY curtain Easy

This was the end result. I took a few pictures in different formats trying to get it to look how it does in real life. The last picture is probably the closest. I like it better than the white but am not totally sure if I love it yet. What do you think?

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