Friday, November 30, 2012

Upcycled Toddler Jeans

Everyone has an old pair of jeans that they no longer wear right? For me it was this pair of capris, they just never fit right and so they were in my "eventually-get-rid-of-unless-I-can-turn-them-into-something-interesting" pile.

Lilly is lacking in the jeans department, she only has one pair and that just won't do. Also, denim is pretty pricey at the fabric stores so I haven't gotten any there. I traced a pair of her pants onto my old jeans by folding them in half, as in the picture below. I did this twice, once on each leg.

DIY jean tutorial

Once I cut out the two pieces and unfolded them, they looked like the picture below. I placed them front to front and then sewed along the edge where you see the white line, stopping at the crotch.

DIY jean tutorial

Once these two lines were sewn I flipped the two pieces (so that the gold stitching that was in the center in the previous picture was now on the sides as in the picture below. Then I sewed up the legs (where the white lines are)

Finally, I added a band of elastic, folded the top over it and sewed. The whole project took me about 15 minutes.

I think they're adorable and I love that the sides and bottoms are professionally finished.

DIY Jean tutorial


  1. Cute! And I love how a pair of your capris aren't much bigger than Lilly's pants. :)

  2. A great idea to get extra life out of a pair of jeans. Thanks for sharing today.

  3. I used to do this when my husband wore out the crotch /thigh area of his knit pants.. The kids/boys always had play pants , saved the zipper for something else...
    Glad to see somebody else uses and recycles the old things