Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rag Tutu! Super Easy!!

If you haven't entered this week's giveaway you can find it by clicking here. It is for a fat quarter bundle from Skye Reve Fabrics so don't pass it up!! And in case you're looking for an idea of how to use that fat quarter bundle once you win...check out the project below!


rag tutu tutorial

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to attempt my own version.  It took about 45 minutes and I did it while watching a movie one night after Lilly went to bed. It was so easy!

  • 1/2 in elastic
  • 25 scraps of fabric that measure 3 inches x 18 inches
The amount of fabric I used is for size 6-12 months. You may need a few more strips if you want to make it for someone older than that, also you might want to make your strips 19-20 inches long depending on how tall they are.

The first thing I did was measure Lilly's waste for the elastic. Once I got the measurement I added 1/2 an inch. Then I sewed the two ends together to make a tube. (This is the only sewing you'll have to do!)

Next I cut 25 strips of material, using about 4 or 5 coordinating fabrics. I cut each strip so that it was 3 inches wide and 18 inches long. These were all left over scraps that I had so i didn't actually go out and buy any fabric for this project. I think for the most part they work together but that's what's great about this project, you have the freedom to play with a number of different fabrics, or it could be eclectic and nothing could match....it's all in what you make of it...and each tutu is completely unique!

I don't know about you but I'm always looking for ways to use up those old scraps and this is a perfect project for just that!

Once all my strips were cut I folded it over the elastic

Then I tied a knot so that it laid sideways.

Then I tied a second knot so that it laid vertically.

I continued until I used up all my fabric strips (I also threw in a bit of coordinating ribbon from my sponsor Shop Thinking of U that I had, just to mix it up)

rag tutu tortorial

And you're done! You can't wash this in the washing machine but you should be able to spot clean it. I just love love love how it turned out!!

I wish I'd gotten better pictures because it really was absolutely adorable...unfortunately Lilly will NOT sit still for anything these days...either way I hope y'all enjoy!! Now go out and make your own!


  1. So cute!! What a great idea!


  2. Okay, I'm going to sound creepy here, but I promise I'm totally not...that last pic of your daughter (Lilly?)'s bum in the tutu is so cute. My daughters would prance around in something like this all day, every day. And YES, I have scads of fabric scraps that need to be used up. I'm totally doing this. Thank you! Darling!
    http://smartgirlstyle.blogspot.com (my new home-decor blog; come on by if you'd like! It's fun over there. Sometimes a waste of time, maybe, but, hey, so is brushing our teeth multiple times a day and we do that. So. Love to have you. :) )

  3. Super cute! I will have to try this for my girls. Please consider sharing at my blog hop, repurposed ideas weekly at http://repurposemylife.com/repurposed-ideas-weekly-6/

  4. Ohmigosh, how cute! I bet this would work on baby dolls too. Love it!


  5. So cute! I'm featuring you on Crafty Cousins tomorrow. Thanks for linking up! :)