Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bathroom Renovation...Part 1

So on Friday night, at around 10:00...I was in our master bathroom and thought... "I'm so tired of how disgusting this bathroom is!" So, while the Mr. was watching a movie I re-painted the counter top with countertop paint...and it all started with that....

We've lived in our house for almost six years and the master bathroom looks the same as the day we moved in...well, except the door to the shower fell off sometime in 2010 and we have yet to replace it. Because of the lack of door we don't even use the shower in that bathroom and instead use the hall bath...which. is. ridiculous. Our house was built in 1970 and so the whole monochromatic color scheme was in full swing. Our bathroom's color: lavender. The tiles are all speckled lavender with a trim of solid lavender. The vanity is a disgusting off-white with speckles and the floor is tiny lavender and white tiles...

Here are some before pics of our bathroom as of Friday at 10:00

Before and after bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel for under $100

I already had the counter top paint because I'd used it before on our kitchen counters a few years ago. There was just enough left to cover the bathroom counter. You can purchase a can from Lowe's for $20. They come in a variety of colors Let me warn you...it is STRONG stuff! You'll need some serious ventilation during this process. Also, just throw your bursh away at the end, don't even try to wash it out. Painting the counter tops took about 45 minutes.

I've been reading up on painting tile for a while but have never attempted it, but I thought now was as good a  time as any. I had a can of primer that I'd picked up a few years ago at Lowe's in the 'Oops' paint section. (This is where people bring paint back because the color isn't exactly what they want) The primer was Valspar and was extra strong so that only 1 coat was needed, I only paid $3 for it!

Using a brush and a roller I primed all the tile on the walls. It only took a 1/2 hour to dry so after it dried I started painting. I had a can of white paint laying around that I'd used on our kitchen cabinets. There was still plenty left so I used this. (I wanted it to be as neutral as possible). Below is a picture of the primed wall (the primer was a blue-grey color). I first brushed the grout and then filled in the squares using a small foam roller. All in all it, the walls required two full coats and one touch up coat...it was a lot of painting.

I picked up some 18x18 stick on vinly tile squares from Lowe's. They are so easy to install and as of last night I'm halfway done. They were $2.59 each and I will need about 20.

So, I still have a lot to do but I'm loving how the project is coming. Here's what left on the to do list:

  • Put a frame around the mirror to make it look more contemporary
  • Finish the floor
  • Re-paint the vanity
  • Caulk the areas that need caulking
  • Put up shower curtain
  • Paint the top half of the bathroom (probably a medium brown color)
  • Update hardware on vanity

So far I spent a total of $55.30 on vinyl and a foam roller. The vinyl was by far my biggest purchase. My goal is to keep my expenses under $100. I can't wait until it's done...let me know what you think!

Low cost bathroom remodel


  1. Lindsay, I have so loved reading your blog. I didn't realize how frequently you posted. :) I'll be needing a lesson or two from you and John when we buy a house. I'm impressed that on a whim you decided to redo your bathroom. It's looking very nice - looking forward to seeing the finished product! BTW, what was the paint called that you painted your countertops with? I used to work at a paint store (Sherwin Williams). :) - Torrie

    1. Torrie, glad you're reading! The paint is by Rustoleum but it's not the big box they have that's like $200...it comes in quart size cans that are about $20 and can be tinted.

  2. It's already looking much, much better. We're going to be house-hunting next week. I'll have to keep in mind that "updating" a bathroom doesn't have to quite as overwhelming as I think it is. :~)

  3. You make it sound so easy! Good job!

    If you have time, I'd love for you to come share your post in the Mommy Club. It is a good mommy solution/resource!

    Thanks and have a great weekend,


  4. Seriously...your bathroom is looking BEAUTIFUL! Hopped over from Strut Your Stuff and happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit! Blessings ~ Judy @ www.vintagestreetdesigns.com

  5. Did I understand right, did you paint the tile in your bathroom? We have a 50's bathroom, pink tile with black trim. If we could paint the tile in our shower and on our walls, we would be ecstatic. Will you tell me more? Thanks for your time.

    1. Yes! And it looks really really good. The full reveal will be tomorrow so be looking for it!

  6. It's looking so great! I've had fun looking over your blog. I would love to have you come share 'Your Great Idea' in my link party...it's hosted on Saturdays, but you can still enter today. I hope to see you there! http://www.oneshetwoshe.com/2012/09/hello-weekend-50-mikarose-giveaway.html

  7. Awesome! The difference from just painting the counter top is amazing! We'd love for you to share this at our party. http://housewivesofriverton.blogspot.com/2012/09/riverton-housewives-round-up-32.html

  8. I can see a lot of possibilities for your bathroom renovation. Painting the tile is good as it will bring new look to the bathroom. Consider hanging frames on the wall and putting matching color rags and towels. A nice lighting will make a big difference too. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! We look forward to reading some more.

    Gabrielle Jeromy @Majestic Renovations

  9. I think what your old bathroom lacks is vibrancy of color. The problem with monochromatic color schemes is you could easily lose interest. Why don't you add some neutral colors on it? Like black, white, gray, brown or tan? What you did to the countertop? The addition of vinyl is a perfect start. Arthur @ContractorExpress.com

  10. Renovation under $100 – good luck with that! If you plan on doing all the work by yourself, that amount could be enough. Another challenge is finding the cheap but quality materials to use for the work. Do tell and share us tips when you do. Dan, I.P.Q. Construction =)