Monday, August 6, 2012

A Tour Of My Guest Room

This isn't a recently completed project but while hard-core cleaning and organizing yesterday I thought you guys might like a detailed tour of my guest bedroom...

Guest Room Decor

 The headboard is a wooden door we found at Lowe's. Someone had brought it back and while it still had the original cellophane wrap on it there was a tear in the cellophane... because of this they repriced the $150 door at $10. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but for $10 we couldn't pass it up! I love how it looks as the headboard

(My cat has claimed our guest room as his home)

The chair in the corner is from Restore. $6!

Decorating a guest room on a budget

 I picked this table up at a yard sale. It was $3 and painted a forest green. I repainted it the same color as the walls and then crackled it with an off white paint so that the green showed through the cracks. 

Decorating a guest room on a budget

The artwork to the right of the dresser is an original poster advertising that week's publication of the Saturday Evening Post (copyright 1955). It was common to see these posters on the window's of hardware stores or diners above the stand where the Post was sold, in hopes that readers would see the add and then purchase a copy. This particular one has a Norman Rockwell photo on the cover. We found it in an ugly frame at a local thrift store  for $4! We had it re-matted and framed. It was in perfect condition.

Low cost decorating ideas

I found this cabinet at a yard sale for $5!! This is exactly how I found it, it matched the room perfectly!

Hope you liked the tour! It's always fun to go through a room and remember all the stories that are associated with how it all came together.


  1. Such an awesome space! I have seriously got to work in my guest room... it's a MESS! Love this! Thanks for sharing!
    Stringtown Home

  2. Thanks for the cute post and wonderful ideas! Thanks so much for linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday!" We loved having you and hope you'll be back soon! -The Sisters