Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Party Invitations... Take Two

First Birthday Invitations

A girl can change her mind right? Isn't that our prerogative. Well, I decided I didn't LOVE the birthday invites I made last week. I liked them but that was it. Then, while at the thrift store the other day I ran across these beautiful country baskets, the kind you get when you pick your own peaches, (see the picture above) and suddenly I decided I wanted my flower party to have a country flair. All the baskets were $.50 each (What a Steal!!)

I went back to Michael's and found this green checked paper. It reminded me of a picnic blanket (for a picnic in the country of course). I punched holes in all four corners and wove this beautiful pink ribbon through the holes. The ribbon is from my sponsor Shop Thinking of U. I love their brightly colored ribbon! I used a mix of plain pink ribbon and pink polka dotted ribbon. (Remember, I love making each invite unique) The center is off-white card stock. I can confidently say that I LOVE these invites, and I feel much better :)

 Let me know what you think. 

First Birthday Flower Invitations

First Birthday Invitations


  1. These are super cute, and I do like them more than the first batch. The pink ribbon really pops against the green background. Nice job, Lindsey! :~) Can't wait to see how the birthday bash turns out!

    1. Thanks Hannah, I like them better too :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. these came out so cute. I really like them.