Thursday, June 14, 2012

The things you can do with an old T-Shirt...Part 1

So we all have old T-Shirts right? Maybe they're not our style anymore, maybe they're stretched out of shape or maybe they have a hole in them somewhere. Well today's post shows you how to turn that old t-shirt into a little girl dress. Actually this will be a series of posts and we will be using two t-shirts to make a number of things. The materials list below is all you will need for this post as well as the two posts that will follow this one.

  • Two used t-shirts in coordinating colors (I chose Black and White striped and a bumblebee)
  • Thread
  • Scissors (The right scissors are very important! If you're looking for a good pair, Amazon has a two pair set for a great price, see below)

Step 1: Start with one t-shirt, the stretchier the material the better.
 Step 2: Cut the center out of the shirt (a big square). You want two pieces so cut the center out of the front and back. Make sure your pieces match up to one another and are identical in size.
Step 3: Next you're going to fold the big square in half
Step 4: Now cut an a-line shape along the open side of the material. You will be cutting through four pieces of material. remember to keep the folded side clean of any cuts, this way when you open it up you'll have two matching pieces, a front and a back.
Step 5: When you open it up you'll want to place the two pieces front to front and then sew them together. Remember to not sew the bottom (It's already done because you're using the bottom of the t-shirt!!) and don't sew around where the arm holes will be and where the neck hole will be. When your done it should look something like this.
Step 6: Now you'll need to clean up the edges around the neck and arms. I folded the material around these areas down about 1/2 inch, pinned, and then sewed so that the seam was on the inside of the dress and the outside looked clean.

Step 7: Since I'm on an applique kick, I decided to cut out two hearts from the yellow t-shirt material and iron them on with the applique backing to the front of the dress. Then I sewed around the edges to give them some extra sturdiness (Knit is not all that sturdy)

And that's all! Next time I'll show you how to make the matching headband.

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