Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lilly Thursday

So, when I was pregnant I signed up for this thing where each week I would receive an email talking about the stages of my baby and what I was experiencing. An example of this would be, "Week 8! Your Baby is the size of a raspberry, also you're probably feeling pretty nauseous these days huh?" And then it would go on to discuss these things in further detail.

To my surprise the emails continued after Lilly was born and now they discuss common development issues that your baby may be experiencing each week (ie: sitting up, crawling, etc)

Well this week's email was entitled, "Why your baby wants only you, How to Handle separation anxiety". Well being that I've trained Lilly to coincide her major live events with the majority of other American children (Just Kidding!!! For those who may take this seriously I fully recognize that she is her own person and I am not pushing or pulling her in any direction) But, in all honestly she pretty much has corresponded perfectly with these weekly emails. This is especially true for this last one. In the past week she has been in nursery twice, on Sunday and on Wednesday. Both times, she has cried enough for them to come get me. Its so weird to me because usually she doesn't ever cry and it's not like she's showing signs of this during the week. She's not especially clingy and she doesn't freak out when I initially leave the nursery room, its usually after about 20 minutes and I guess she realizes I'm gone. When we got home last night I tried to sit her down and explain to her that mommy would always come back for her and that she should instead focus her energy on having a good time with her other baby friends, but I don't think she was fully picking up what I was putting down.

Well, the not-at-all-vague email says its a phase and that is should probably end sometime in the next 3-12 we'll see.


  1. 1. I'm sure the emails have been very helpful especially for a first time mom. I think it would be hard to not compare your child's development with other kids.
    2. I liked that you used the phrase "picking up what im putting down". I used to watch the show 'Prison Break'. One of the prisoners used a similar phrase 'picking up what I'm laying down'. I liked it and started using it. Yay for prison lingo. :)

  2. Haha, I try to use prison lingo whenever I can. :)

  3. Ahahaha, I like that you had that little chat with her. B didn't go through that separation anxiety until he was a good bit older. It seems we might be on the tail end of it now, though. Thankfully, it didn't last very long!